Thursday, August 27, 2009

Hot's One Pitch Slider - A New Member of the Family !!

Unleash power into your jigging game!
Welcome the newest weapon in my arsenal.
The Hot's One Pitch Slider of Japan. This rod has a beautiful parabolic bend right through the handle. Also known as:


5 foot 6 inches of pure lifting power.
1UP to this rod for battling my first bluefin tuna out of Cape Cod last Thursday. This rod beat the 70" beast in less than 15 minutes!

  • Longer, Stronger, and Lighter then any rod in its class range. This rod is described by owner, Minami, of Hot's as the new power for big bluefin tuna in the NE of United States.

  • This rod is lighter then my fluke rod. Kilsong mentioned it was weighted at under 9 ounces!
  • Notice the spiral line wrap up from the neck section to the tip. Atteniton to detail much like my Smith wgj-56h.

Jig weight at 420g

Line rated: PE-6 to PE-10 (1UP)

This rod seriously feels like a 500g rod. I really enjoyed the length of the butt section making the actual exposed rod section shorter and putting the Stella and her handle knob at the right length for my arms.

A more adequate rod for big bluefin tuna then the predecessor hero Wei World 48xxh & 52xh (for kingfish). The new 2009 Magalog places these two rods on the same fold and indicating the heroics of each design. Certain attention is put onto this rod as to its extended length setting a higher tier for its expectations & performance.

Man in the Blue Suit!

So we charted one out on the islands.

Caught on the troll, and of course off a ballyhoo! The fight was done by a gentleman on his honey moon named Dan. His beautiful wife was there to accompany him.
Seems like everywhere in the world catches on the hoos...

About 80lbs

Friday, August 14, 2009

Greenlane x R.M. Smith - Late Summer Topwater Action

Tackle Info:
Rod Used : Vintage Fenwick 1255 Feralite 5'6"
Reel Used : Vintage Abu Ambassadeur 4000D
Line Used : Spiderwire 50lb Green Braid - Original Braid

Okay guys for one of the last times of the season, the wind/weather lined up and I knew it would be a trip to take and remember. PB day as I claimed...

...well, I did fight my PB but never landed it.

Total in all, 3 solid hookups on one lure that I launched into the shadows all day. Jieman was my accompanist however his beer can lure tactics did not field a fish.
The morning was slow, I did have a hit on the RM Smith but I couldnt set the hook twice.


Yes it did rain, Jie didnt lend me his raincoat...

Instead of being bad to our bodies and picking up wawa or mckids we treated ourselves to some great pizzaria!

Overall, a beautiful day and fish over 20 inches. ;D (20.4) and some missed monster

Lure Used: R.M. Smith Jointed Swimbait

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hopper Rod Replacement

So, it took a month but....

Capt. Harry's in Miami replaced my rod.
Although I feel that there is a lack of good communication with this rod warrenty/replacement, they eventually did what I wanted and that was to replace the rod free of charge.

Can you believe it took a month to complete? Mind you they didnt even call me or email me to confirm any kind of action. I had to call them last week to see what in the world was happening.
Initially I got the story that they will give me store credit, but after calling back today they confirmed they had sent me a replacement (I presume the day I called to question is the day they shipped UPS).

Also I feel nobody in the warehouse there speaks to another of their fellow reps. I had to explain three times and after that was promised a callback....that was not followed through.

C'mon, Carl (owner), Jose, and Jesus, get your act together....
Poor shipping package too....

Grade: C-

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

New Hots SOS 56XH


I have found my next tuna killer.
The 2nd edition tuna sword maxing
out to PE-10 line and made for NE
Atlantic waters.


Length:5.6feet Pieces: one LineWT: PE6~10 JERK MAX:420g

Kilsong had ordered the model from Japan. Long awaited.

(brucewong where is yours!? kakakaka...)