Tuesday, March 24, 2009

SKUNKED 2 times!! [2-4]

hi Friends.
In between now and the very last post I believe I have been out to fairmount west and porch 3 times. And twice I've been skunked. The other was a "near miss" haha of being skunked since I caught/snagged 3 gizzard shad on that trip.

twice the west bank. Once skunked and the other time gizzard.

once at porch and that was with Jie, my buddy from Temple. We both picked a frigid night for plugging and came away only with some cold shivers and .99 cents package cookies for a snack.

Anyhow, I wanted to post up a few pictures of last year's amazing run for some good ol' Skuykill River Flatheads.
These are my prized fish that I have pose with. My PB personal best flattie weighed in at 28 pounds. The second fish from the bridge was 24.

As I remember they were both caught on my saltwate setup:

St. Croix Premier 7'6" PM76MHF this is the muskie special version
Abu Ambassadeur 7000HSN
Power Pro (gasp) 100lb line (PE 8)