Monday, March 9, 2015

DAIWA EMERALDAS MX2508PE-H-DH - MAG SEAL Double Handle EGI Spinning Reel - Winter Gear, 2015


Daiwa's Squid jigging or EGI reel.  Light, Smooth, Capable. 
EGI.  Egging.  Jerk, twitch, draw, pitch.  All you need to remember is to hit bottom. 
Daiwa is doing something alike mad-marketing or following the crazy brain-child in the way they roll out their new fishing reels.  Spinning and bait casting/conventional, the technology for MAG-SEAL is being shared throughout the scope of their line-ups now that they have perfected it. 
Unlike their rival, Shimano, they are doing more them simply adding a bearing here and there to their reels and calling them X-SHIP.  Think of Shimano X-SHIP “technology” as a marketed improvement to design.  Think of it like a minor significant update to a schematic that could have used more outright engineering inspiration.  This is what Daiwa isn’t doing.  They are improving the technology, engineering design, and at the same time lowering the price.
Being that Daiwa holds the rights to MAG-SEAL technology; they introduced it into their spinning reels a few years back.  The trickle-down effect of MAG-SEAL has benefitted even the lower level priced reels. 
Daiwa Emeraldas exhibits the second generation of their MAG-SEAL seals & bearings. 
There is an undeniable fluid feeling when friction is negligible in a spinning reel.  So many moving parts with that effortless feeling makes me feel the direct connection with the gear rotation in the main cavity as well as the spinning of the rotor.  It’s a pretty great feel.  A feeling only one company gives its audience right now.  

Double Handle = Awesome for Egi, that rhythm in sync makes sense afterall. 
Air Bail = More confidence then comparable size Shimano reels (their wire thin bail doesn't instill confidence, broke off too many from 2500 size models).

So, MX means their newer lineup, and lower prices, along with trickle down technology. 

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Daiwa Saltiga 2015 Star Drag Reel MAGSEAL - May Debut

It's Coming!

New 2015 Daiwa Saltiga Star Drag

2015 Saltiga with MagSeal Bearing, Spool lock, DigiGear, Easy-Spool change, & Eva knob.

Two sizes.
Three speeds.
10、10H=2015.05 DEBUT
15、15H=2015.06 DEBUT
10HL、15HL=2015.07 DEBUT

You can always check Daiwa's Official Japanese

According to the Japanese site they mentioned that there was a definite need to produce more than 7kg of drag and the aim was to produce a reel more capable of the 2025 model Bay Jigger also including the MAGSEAL technology already proven.

The reel will be able to handle the yellowtail winter run in the Sea of Japan.



Thursday, January 15, 2015

Cultiva Owner STX-58 Treble Hook - Starting up with the Evolution !! - Winter Gear, 2015


Owner Cultiva for many many seasons has been the solid performing treble that have seen the lips of hundreds of fish. I'm pretty confident the only downfall for them is the start of "rusting" after a few trips rendering them useless.

My buddy Aki from Japan suggested giving them a try back in the mid 2000's and I haven't really found a need for replacement unless in a specific scenario.

Anyhow, the new STX version has released in 2014 and I was curious to the differences. Aki says: give them a try, but you know the older version works just fine, right?

They are ¥100 yen higher in price and seem to have a different coated surface. Let's hope they are up to par AND better than the previous.

Model used: STX-58
Size: 2
Purchased at Proshop Gil - Tokyo

Give them a try if you like...