Sunday, May 23, 2010

Tidal Tails - Connecticut made bucktail jigs for Stripers / Fluke

I originally was going to send these over seas to my buddy since I think he would use them up. 
We'll here is my support for local guys again.  This time in Connecticut, and in the fashion of striper and fluke bucktail. 
I will recommend this one to anyone looking for a quality bucktail. is a way to order but it seems like their prices are inflated.

Up close you can see that this one is bullet head and sinks quick along with having a steady vertical motion.

So far I landed stripers and a fluke on em with the 3/4 ounce version.  This is their smallest.

Nothing special with the paint or eye, I believe they have glow version as well.
These ones have Gamakatsu instead of Owner.  I prefer the Gammy but they are available in both.