Friday, August 19, 2011

CM Tackle - Squids, Jigs, Rigs, & Octopus Skirts - Fall Gear 2011

I must put it to yall, these guy knows his fluke gear and is the only one that puts his mug on the labeling of his jigs.  Always throwing in some extras in the package and being thorough on how to rig his specific jigheads and "Jig-a-fluke" rigs. 
Enter the essentials from Cape May Tackle for those doormat ocean fluke. 

Shimano Trinidad 10a [X-ship Jigger] - Fall Gear 2011

To replace the Saltiga 15 class reel.  Enter the Shimano Trinidad 10a. 
This tiny conventional is the closest thing to a solid entry for the years to come. 
Ratio 6.3:1
Weight 13.6oz / 385g
PE4-210 yards
PE4-204 yards