Saturday, February 26, 2011

Preparation for World Class Amberjack Jigging - North Carolina, United States of America 2011 - Part 1

I will target world class Amberjack from the waters of North Carolina soon.
As I prepare for the trip I read on the world record caught off the waters of Japan.  There seems to be a challenge to target these marvelous fish from shallow waters.

In USA, the water is shallow off the East coast.  Even 65 miles (100km) offshore shallow waters with drop offs provide depths of 300 feet deep.  I understand the challenge and this will be a type of redemption for me as I had originally booked a trip out of Wilmington back in 2007 with Aki san.  However, all plans for a trip were canceled because of the hurricane Helen at that time. 

I will get my chance again.

update: I received a package from Japan today on March 11, 2011.  Today is earthquake day where the country felt 8.9 magnitude in northern region of the country.  Thank you Aki for the parcel.  All the included will be used for upcoming trips.  I'm excited esp for the jigs as they are the most popular jigs in Japan right now.