Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I Caught a Wreckfish - Pool winner - Atlantic Canyons 90miles out

-9.5 pounds
-350 feet deep
-Swivel rigged blue 5" squid cod teaser w/chartreuse 11" eelz tipped with squid
-Jerry Brown #60
-Yozuri #100 flurocarbon leader

Caught on the first drop of the day.  Big hit and hooked with a 8/0 Gamakatsu Circle hook.

6:28am, I wake up to see bunks cleared out and up to the deck I go.  Fish caught 6:45am.  I see one 25" golden tile caught after me.

Reel: Penn Baja Special
Rod: Daiwa Sealine-X Boat, SL-X B701HF 7'0"
Lure: 6-10oz
Line: 30-100lb Heavy

Guess which teaser caught the wreck?

Yep, the freakin 11" chartreuse eelz. Shows these buggers are greedy bottom huggers =)

Tilefish Gear Preparation:  (synapses & reference for the upcoming trip, since the last time I didn't catch any).

For reference when preparing tackle/gear for tilefish / bottomfish for Atlantic/Hudson Canyons (etc.)
Rods: 7'-7'6" Composite rod (cod fishing gear)
Reels: Penn Baja Special, Jigging Master PE5
Line system:
#60 braid to #100 leader via #180 swivel
Hooks: Gamakatsu River Bait Hooks 10/0 & 12/0
Weights: 2lb bank sinkers (32oz), 3lb bank sinkers (48oz)