Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Barnegat Light with Jie

What a beautiful place.
Jie had the idea of picking up some tackle and I had the idea of fishing...(okokay it was the other way around). Well the emphasis was on getting to the shore. It was mid-60's and I had sunshine on my shoulder.
So off to our road trip.

I drove to Ocean City first to visit a certain rod at Tackle Direct, howver didnt end up buying the Shimano Tiralejo 8MHF-LC. So we decided to head up to Fisherman's headquarters in Surf City, NJ.
I introduced him to one of the best bait and tackle shops in NJ. The workers were able to help and answer some questions for local knowledge and technical line stuff.
We both religned our reels there with Daiwa boat braid. I got 350 yards of PE-8 and he lined up with PE-6 at about 250 yards.
Beautiful line. Off to the rocks.

We ended up taking some pictures after plugging RM Smith & Tattoo plugs...
He has one on his iphone that has me and a nice bend in my Techna AV.