Thursday, December 31, 2009

Blackfishing Report - Mimi VI, Point Pleasant New Jersey

With the winds dying down the ocean was really laid calm for one of the last blackfish boat trips. We arrived at dock at 5:30am and were greeted by about 4 others including regulars of the Mimi VI out of Point Pleasant, NJ.

Without a doubt it was going to be cold but that is when Blackfishing on the boats in NJ are the best. This time of year means big fish off the inshore wrecks and pillige grounds.
While off in holiday mode this past week or so had me thinking about fishing perhaps every day. I received an email a few days back from David aka Esquired. It came to be that him and Jimmy aka jl_rotary grabbed a spot on the charter along with an extra for me. I accepted with grattitude and without hesitation.
I really felt that south jersey and deleware have some of the best habitat for big tog but at least we had some ground to cover up in "north jersey".

Although the weather was nice, the fish decided to have lockjaw. I was lucky to get 4 keepers along with David's 2 and poor Jimmy had a skunk. Nevertheless, some bigger fish were caught on the boat but I guess for us three they are waiting for us to get down to the Deleware waters as that is the best big togging around this time of year.
Just to mention how seriously cold it was on the water it was like 14 degrees F when we got to the boat.  It was a warm 35 degrees F for the peak when this picture was taken.  Our crabs froze to death...but the blackfish still loved it!  You can see on my face how cold I was.

Check out the bucket of cold death:

As the 2009 year wrapped up we were off for one more boat trip out before fullfilling our obligations for family and friend. Although it wasnt a trip to pillage the blackfishing grounds we were all happy to get out there. I'm happy to get on the water with another DF member and eat some great sandwiches David made. I hope to see yall on the water or at least hook many more fish with you guys again in 2010.

If you never fished for tog, make it a trip for this January. I will gladly join!

Monday, December 21, 2009

BlackHole Cape Cod Special - Unbreakable Jigging rod 250gram

Tried to break one of these new "carbon technology" rods. 
I couldn't break, although if my life depended on it, I think probably I'd be successfull.  :)

Anyhow, I'm thinking of buying this particular rod in conventional style to test for Amberjack.

Brand: Black Hole
Model: Cape Cod Special 250g
Made in Korea

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Jigging Master Power Spell PE5 - Respect!

So, props to Kil for having a PE5 account in USA.


Tog Hook's Comparison

Here is my comparisons for 3 blackfish hooks (used to hook live crabs as bait).  Just for size comparison:

HOOKS: (left to right)

- Custom Offset Hook from China, slight bend in tip much like circle hook style
- Gamakatsu Octopus size 4/0
- Mustad Big Gun Live Bait hook size 2/0

Cancelled Plans for Striped Bass trip! Thumbs down!

Man, this weather has me at home and tied down without a thing to do.  Although it wasn't bad this morning (driving 65mph on I-95) it has gotten progressively worse.

I was about to go foul weather gear bass fishing but got the call that roads were being closed, so I guess its just pasta for dinner 2nite.

Under Armor thermal pants
Nike Cold-fit Long Sleeve
PAC Hoodie
Gore-tex jacket
Gore-tex pants
Dri-fit socks
3 other pairs of socks thick and thin
4 packs of swim shads
20 zooms
Box of plugs
Lucky bandanna
Puma neck warmer
Jiegong hat
Heated vest
Two 5-hour energy drinks

Monday, December 14, 2009

Grundens Herkules Bib

Last pair in ship bottom!

On my way out offshore jigging!

Picked up some cold weather gear.  Northeast USA fisherman style!


Saltiga Jigging Rod

Daiwa Saltist Jigger with metered braid!
PE-4 all the way!

Some soft leader line and PE-4 golden jig!

Monday, December 7, 2009

"How to" Nature Boys & Jigging Master - Assist Cord Hook Tying

Allrite, so as to those who asked for an easier knot. This is the most easy way to do it.  This is a follow up to the first video I made for Jigging Master Monster Hooks. 

Tying the Quick & Easy knot from beginning to end
Hook: Jigging Master Monster Jigging Hook 11/0
Assist Cord: BIG POWER HORSE No.70
Jig: Nature Boys Swim Rider Short 175 gram
Solid Ring: Ten Mouth Welded Steel Ring

Shout Out:

Sometimes Can Anglers - Bruce Wong (brewst)

Capt. Sasha (Salty Water Tackle)

The quick and easy way to get a failless Assist knot on your jigging hook