Monday, March 26, 2012

Heddon Superlative Pal Spook #1 - Vintage Tubular Glass Topwater Rod

For some people, we love topwater largemouth bass action. 
There are so many ways to catch bass but I feel the funnest is the way my buddy Aki taught me back when he was living in USA.  He always used vintage fishing rods from companies such as Fenwick, Heddon, True Temper, Wright & McGill, and always had the model names and descriptions ready off the top of his head for discussion.  What a resource for items that have gone out of fashion and out of stock many years ago.

Much of the prime topwater gear made with slow taper and light to medium action that I like to use were made back in the 1950's through the 1970's.  All were made by American companies as they were on the forefront of rod material construction.  However over the years America has forgotten this past time and the technique.  Using big topwater twitch baits and prop baits, or crawlers with paddles that make noise and commotion was put to the side for the new and fashionable type products marketed as better and faster and more effective. 

Here is a chart of Heddon's Pal Spook rods within the 1950's:

I like old and productive along with fun and simple. 

America's fishing industry forgot about it.  The Japanese idolized it.  Much of my competition when it comes to purchasing vintage tackle comes from overseas.  Japan in particular where top prices are the norm and "mint" condition gear commands highest of collector prices.  The style is still forefront as is every other style however unlike the United States, Japan still designs for us "new" lures, rods, and reels that encapsulate what the great American past has already forgotten. 

In an ongoing search I have found one of the rods I feel is a true gem and "unicorn" for my collector (to be fished) lineup. 

Enter the Heddon "Superlative" Pal Spook #1 Rod:



  1. nice rod eh.and keep it up.:)))

  2. What a great rod
    I have a mint Heddon DeLuxe Pal Spook #1-5 1/2 L for sale if interested

    1. Interested! email me

  3. I Have also a Heedon Deluxe Pal Spook Rod - For sale -$80.00-with case

  4. Last Comment - Anonymous- Heddon Deluxe Pal spook rod - $80.00 - --if interestedand 48 different lure's -lure's are price separate-will send photos of lure's on request

  5. I just came across a Heddon Superlative Pal Spook #1 with leather case at a yard sale. I was wonsering what the value of something like that is? Mine looks just like the pictures above. Still has original bar code on it for $14.99