Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Okuma Makaira 8 II - Two Speed Lever Drag - Winter Gear, 2012

 First up to bat in 2012 is the Okuma Makaira 2 Speed Lever Drag.

Model: 8II
Gear Ratio: 4.7:1 & 2.1:1
Bearings: 4BB + 1TB
Capacity: 350 yards #50 Braid

This is the reel that has attain much fame from limited use.  There is alot of talk regarding the pluses and minuses of the reels design.  Some people say it's a copy of the Penn Internationals, some say that Tiburon and Okuma have reached the elite level for some to have reason to purchase.

Enter the Makaira Two Speed Lever Drag Conventional Reel.  Not made specifically for Jigging but this is their one and only narrow frame.  Ideal for PE5/6 and with a low enough gear ratio to bring home some fish from the deep.

Some talk about their helical cut stainless steel gears, others rave regarding the organic engineering that produced a first of it's kind double dog anti-reverse system or "docking".  Whatever we have here it's a start of something good.

Ask about it because it's kind of a big thing...Made in TAIWAN