Sunday, May 16, 2010

On Board the Peconic II - Fluke Opening day on Long Island, NY with Kilsong & Willy

I got a quick call Friday morning to get on some of these beautiful fish out of Peconic area near exit 60 on Long Island.  It was my first time out on the party boat fishing for fluke but I heard they have generally trophy sized fluke caught in that area and there is consistent good fishing on opening day.

I grabbed my rod and reel and headed off to meet Willy at his place and then Kilsong at the shop.  Quick drive as we decided to meet at 3am.  Without realizing, I forgot to pack the right Spro jigheads for this type of boat fluking.  Great!  But Kil was able to recommend and share his "Kil'R'Rig" Special setups.  (I think all his setups bear this name now).

Anyhow, met up with Kil around 3:30am and headed off on the long island expressway.

I just want to note that I had a good luck charm while driving.  I hit a rabbit with my rear drivers seat tire as it sprinted out in front of us somewhere on highway 25. more on that later...

Anyhow, we arrive at the marina and there are a few good cars lined up already (4:45am) and Im thinking we have been beat to our spots on the party boat.  Nevertheless, we get board the Peconic II and realize we are the first people there. We quickly save our spots with our rods in the rod holders and beer on deck.  The cars parked were actually waiting for the ferry to go over to Rhode Island and not to fish :)

After grabbing ICE and a few drinks/snacks we head back to the boat and will wait and watch around 50 anglers fill the boat.  We depart to go a few hundred yards with 70 other boats on the water at 8:00am for the chance at monster fluke.

Kil forgot his g.loomis rod so emplored the power of the Jigging Master Power Spell 100 gram rod and Daiwa Saltiga 15 reel.  (I still can't believe to this day I sold mine, what a perfect little reel for inshore fish).  For Willy and I to watch Kil jig brought our spirits up as he landed 10 or so before we got ours.  Anyhow, 1 UP for JM100 rod.

Finally on one drift I asked if I can use that Jigging Master.  Kil said yes and I finally got on a fluke around 20 inches.  It was a true delight, as I realized it was nothing to do with skill but it was the setup that caught the fish for me.  haha :D  Kil mentioned that that rod along with the JM PE4 reel caught 60lb Amberjack in North Carolina last year.  Go figure!  The rod had the mojo still on it! haha

After hearing the mate speak of the biggest fluke he has ever seen at 18lbs I feel that I will make this an annual trip to get out there for these great fish!!  I hear the claim that the 18lber was caught 100 yards from the shoreline.  It topped out at 36 inches and was 6.5 inches thick!  He said fluke top out at around 36 inches and a typical 10lb fluke is around 32 inches.

Kil & Willy, to say I enjoyed the day is an understatement. It was seriously a non-stop laughing day with missed hooksets, sea robins , and spidercrabs. Along with some good laughs and me hitting the poor rabbit that darted in front of the car we saw some nice fluke.

The Poconic was a great PB. The mates were polite and helpful as they should be. And since it was my first time fishing there, I couldn't get over how nice a body of water it was. Also with 70 boats next to us. Kinda like parking lot fishing. 

The fun didn't stop there. After we came got back to NJ, we went to a Korean restaurant as Willy and I wanted to try Kil's suggestion of Samgetang ( whole small chicken stew),
We ordered three Samgetang and one Tofu dish. It all cost only $45.
We spent three hours there while eating and drinking Korean wine called Soju. Of course our main subject of our talking was how to improve our tackles. Smile

Although I caught the only keeper for the day, it was a great time on the water fishing, laughing, and telling jokes about each other.  I will glady do it again.

Next Destination is Quincy Bay, MA.
We start fishing before dawn for striped bass with live eel and go for big winter flounder in the bay. After we get limit of huge flounder, we go out to Stellwagen Bank for cod/pollock jigging!

Gear used: 
Rod: Shimano Crucial 7'11" MH Swimbait rod
Reel: Avet SX MC 
Line: #65 Stren Super Braid Yellow
Jig: NJ special 3oz/2oz

I bit Kil's fore-grip and left permanent bite marks there because I bite so hard and deep. :D

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