Monday, February 1, 2010

Tokyo Bay's Finest - Suzuki charter boat fishing

Although I didn't get a chance to fish with Captain Aki out of Tokyo bay I am planning a topwater plugging outfit and trip with him come spring.

Aki is snagging Suzuki bass (Stripers but w/o stripes) in the inshore waters right now.  Quite an amazing fishery they have that is getting more and more pressure every year as sportfishing is the craze over there.

Anyhow, enjoy the video.  Thanks for the link to your site Aki!

Black Avet SX MC - Magnetic cast from California

Decided to invest in a company from California.
The magnetic cast option on the SX model reel made it an option to purchase.  It's been a while since the first SX model appeared and it has allways been known as a small reel with a big punch.
9lb strike drag
14lb full drag

The dry carbon fiber drags make good for an inshore fish slayer.  I can't wait to try casting lead into the neighboring partyboat.

Tautog fishing out of Ocean City

As some of the best fishing for blackfish is done during the winter I decided to get out there and hunt on my own.  South Jersey waters are prime grounds for our tog friend as they migrate to deeper wintering holes offshore of the coast.  The boat and captain were classy as we had fish lifted from keepers to 10lbers.  I was the champion of pulling on the Sea Pout aka Ocean Pout aka Conger Eel.  Anyhow, it was a slow bite but I got to meet some cool anglers.  Dante and his friends organized the trip.

Boat: North Star Express
Port: Ocean City
Captain: Tim
Bait: White"leggers" crab
St. Croix 8'PMGlass - Jigging Master PE5
St. Croix 7'6" Muskie - Abu Ambassadeur 7000

here are some of the pictures: