Thursday, December 30, 2010

Atlantic Star 12-30-10 - Seabass Jigging

A well know boat for well versed fisherman.
I really look forward to this 18 hour trip and its the highlight of my light game jigging.

As you read before, my setups were PE2/PE3 style.  I brought 2 spinning setups and 2 conventional.  Only 1 conventional was used.

The pick during the first drop was a slow bite.  It did turn out that our boat wasn't optimizing the GPS location numbers as the captain originally thought.  We tussled through a few spots within 1000 yards of each other.
I started with a "thunder" jig aka madai or lucanus style.  I had a big tug on the 2nd drop but eventually dropped the fish after about 15 feet or so.  I ended up dropping fish on all jigs.
The funnest drop came to the last 2 spots.  It was almost like every drop = 1 jumbo seabass.  I didn't measure my kills but I suspect the largest was 25-28 inches long.  Upwards to 5lbs.
My buddy joined me as we were the only other crazies that want to fish for these amazingly tasteful fish before their legal season closes.

Best Jig: Shimano Bottom Ship 200g (Silver body + Pink Octopus skirt), hands down until I lost it to a mysterious fish that only bites the braid on my line system. :(  I need to make another order.

I caught 43 seabass. I ended up keeping 25 fish for the cooler, which is the legal limit per person per day.


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Preparation is Key (New Jersey, Atlantic Coast) - Seabass Jigging 2010

In preparation for the trip I decided to limit the amount of gear used and brought along this time around.  Less is more and more is better right?

Species: Black Seabass, Cod, Pollock, Monkfish, Bluefish, Porgy (3 out of the 6 can be jigged successfully).
Jigs: Limited to 20 jigs ranging from 100gram to 250grams.  Inchiku, Madai, Hammered Diamond, Flatside.
Line System: Sunline HG PE2, Momoi Blue Diamond PE3, Jerry Brown Solid PE5, 40-50lb Mono/Fluro leader system.
  • Spinning:  Spinal LaCosa 54SLH, Daiwa Saltiga 66M
  • Conventional: Shimano Tescata 63MH, St. Croix 8'0 PMG80HF
  • Spinning: VanStaal VM150, Shimano Sustain 5000FE
  • Conventional: Shimano Ocea Jigger Narrow 2000P, Abu Ambassadeur 7000

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Spinal Nano 150g SLH Jigging Rod - 215fishspot x fishhead.Greg Collaboration 2010

Spinal Nano 150g SLH  (SUPER LIGHT HEAVY)
Collaboration with 215fishspot x fishhead.Greg
Spinal 150gram Nano
9.8oz total rod weight
 Matagi Hardware
 Gulfstream Blue colorway
 Eva ripped to perfection
 Fuji DPSSD Soft Touch
 Aqua metallic end-checks
 Curved rear grip
 Tips in Top shape
 Shield Type-f winding check
Form figure finish :D