Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Equipment Update.

I picked up a few new things this year for 2009 in regards to equipment.

Yes, I set a budget and made a purpose to justify for the items that I may need and may not have to compromise.

but here is a list of the goodies and what I'm going for this year...


Largemouth Bass
1. Greenlane

  • Fenwick Grizzley SC622 & Abu Ambassadeur 4000D
  • Lew's Speed Stick & Abu Ambassadeur 5000D
  • Heddon Controlled Flex Action & Custom Abu Ambassadeur 4000D
  • Custom Al Bigot "Germany" & Abu Ambassadeur 2500C
  • Heddon Deluxe Pal Spook & Abu Ambassadeur 2000
2. Trenton Lakes

  • Heddon Controlled Flex Action & Vintage Abu Ambassadeur 4000D
  • Lamiglas XMG50 & Abu Pro Max

Flathead Catfish
1. Skuke Winching

  • St. Croix Premier Muskie PM76MHF & Abu Ambassadeur 12

Surf Striped Bass
1. BackBay

  • St. Croix Avid 7'MXF & Shimano Symetre 2500
  • Fenwick Techna AV 7'MF & Shimano Sustain 5000
2. Surf

  • St. Croix Tidemaster 8' MHF & Abu Garcia Cardinal 807i
3. Jetty

  • Shimano Tiralejo 9' Surf & Abu Garcia Cardinal 807i
4. Porch

  • Shimano Crucial 7'11" MHF & Custom Abu Ambassadeur 4000D

1. Cape May Jetty

  • St. Croix Premier Muskie PM76PMHF & Abu Ambassadeur 12

2. Barnagat Jetty

  • St. Croix Premier Muskie PM76PMHF & Abu Ambassadeur 12
3. Boat

  • St. Croix Premier Muskie PM76PMHF & Abu Ambassadeur 7000
1. Back Bay

  • Fenwick Techna AV 7' MHF & Shimano Sustian 5000

Black Drum
1. Boat

  • St. Croix Premier Muskie PM76PMHF & Abu Ambassadeur 7000
  • Shimano Tiralejo 8' Surf & Shimano Stella 20000FA

1. Back Bay

  • St. Croix Avid 7' MXF & Shimano Symetre 2500

Blue Fin Tuna, Yellow Fin Tuna, Mahi Mahi, Swordfish
1. Screamin' Mimi

  • Hopper Custom 5'8" & Shimano Stella 20000FA

So, you are thinking 4 items right? I hope so....

I can price redux for my inventory and rid the Heddon / Abu Ambassadeur set up and that will save me approx. $300.00

Without that set up I can probably do well with a exchanging the Hopper to say a Jigging Master Power Spell (rod pictured in top title banner). That jigging rod retails shipped for about $450.00

But then again the Hopper will do the job as well. On a second note the Tiralejo may do double duty for Mahi Mahi popping style.

If I can forego the Tiralejo and the Heddon setup, the I could do just the Power Spell jigging rod.

My 2009 Line up

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

SKUNKED 2 times!! [2-4]

hi Friends.
In between now and the very last post I believe I have been out to fairmount west and porch 3 times. And twice I've been skunked. The other was a "near miss" haha of being skunked since I caught/snagged 3 gizzard shad on that trip.

twice the west bank. Once skunked and the other time gizzard.

once at porch and that was with Jie, my buddy from Temple. We both picked a frigid night for plugging and came away only with some cold shivers and .99 cents package cookies for a snack.

Anyhow, I wanted to post up a few pictures of last year's amazing run for some good ol' Skuykill River Flatheads.
These are my prized fish that I have pose with. My PB personal best flattie weighed in at 28 pounds. The second fish from the bridge was 24.

As I remember they were both caught on my saltwate setup:

St. Croix Premier 7'6" PM76MHF this is the muskie special version
Abu Ambassadeur 7000HSN
Power Pro (gasp) 100lb line (PE 8)