Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Equipment Update.

I picked up a few new things this year for 2009 in regards to equipment.

Yes, I set a budget and made a purpose to justify for the items that I may need and may not have to compromise.

but here is a list of the goodies and what I'm going for this year...


Largemouth Bass
1. Greenlane

  • Fenwick Grizzley SC622 & Abu Ambassadeur 4000D
  • Lew's Speed Stick & Abu Ambassadeur 5000D
  • Heddon Controlled Flex Action & Custom Abu Ambassadeur 4000D
  • Custom Al Bigot "Germany" & Abu Ambassadeur 2500C
  • Heddon Deluxe Pal Spook & Abu Ambassadeur 2000
2. Trenton Lakes

  • Heddon Controlled Flex Action & Vintage Abu Ambassadeur 4000D
  • Lamiglas XMG50 & Abu Pro Max

Flathead Catfish
1. Skuke Winching

  • St. Croix Premier Muskie PM76MHF & Abu Ambassadeur 12

Surf Striped Bass
1. BackBay

  • St. Croix Avid 7'MXF & Shimano Symetre 2500
  • Fenwick Techna AV 7'MF & Shimano Sustain 5000
2. Surf

  • St. Croix Tidemaster 8' MHF & Abu Garcia Cardinal 807i
3. Jetty

  • Shimano Tiralejo 9' Surf & Abu Garcia Cardinal 807i
4. Porch

  • Shimano Crucial 7'11" MHF & Custom Abu Ambassadeur 4000D

1. Cape May Jetty

  • St. Croix Premier Muskie PM76PMHF & Abu Ambassadeur 12

2. Barnagat Jetty

  • St. Croix Premier Muskie PM76PMHF & Abu Ambassadeur 12
3. Boat

  • St. Croix Premier Muskie PM76PMHF & Abu Ambassadeur 7000
1. Back Bay

  • Fenwick Techna AV 7' MHF & Shimano Sustian 5000

Black Drum
1. Boat

  • St. Croix Premier Muskie PM76PMHF & Abu Ambassadeur 7000
  • Shimano Tiralejo 8' Surf & Shimano Stella 20000FA

1. Back Bay

  • St. Croix Avid 7' MXF & Shimano Symetre 2500

Blue Fin Tuna, Yellow Fin Tuna, Mahi Mahi, Swordfish
1. Screamin' Mimi

  • Hopper Custom 5'8" & Shimano Stella 20000FA

So, you are thinking 4 items right? I hope so....

I can price redux for my inventory and rid the Heddon / Abu Ambassadeur set up and that will save me approx. $300.00

Without that set up I can probably do well with a exchanging the Hopper to say a Jigging Master Power Spell (rod pictured in top title banner). That jigging rod retails shipped for about $450.00

But then again the Hopper will do the job as well. On a second note the Tiralejo may do double duty for Mahi Mahi popping style.

If I can forego the Tiralejo and the Heddon setup, the I could do just the Power Spell jigging rod.

My 2009 Line up

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