Saturday, November 17, 2012

Project P - Update 4, Bailless Kit Installed - New Motivation in 2012

I've been on this Project P for the "Penn Staal" for a while now and frankly been unable to complete it...

The first documented effort I have for this reel came way back in 2010 (I know it's not so long ago for some of yall), and throughout the years I've been working on it here and there.  I recently remembered my dear old friend and decided to re-new my commitment to the project and this dear gem of American surf fishing history.

(plus, how do you forget an old friend from the 1960's...)

So far...
- As you can see I have done the sanding (keep our precious "made in USA" on the seat)
- Purchased the carbontex drag set and replacement washer to replace the Teflon from Alantani.
- Purchased and installed the Bailless kit (however my roller ring is not rolling!)
- Bought the pancake handle

- I need to decide whether or not to drill first before annodizing or be content on baking.
- Also where can I buy a replacement pendant for the metal side plate?
- Decide on a drilling pattern
- Re-build the anti-reverse switch. I will not be using it.
- Find replacement Pendant

Here are the links to my previous post for my "Project P" Penn 704 Custom Edition:

The Inspiration - Penn 706z - Classic "bailless" Montauk Special
Project P - Update 1, Paint Stripping Materials
Project P - Update 2, Body, Spool, Plate Started
Project P - Update 3, Fully Sanded


Here she is after hiding away in my tackle storage cabin, waiting for my attention all these years:

Until, the next step, Ciao !!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Love for Vintage Grizzly Fenwick Topwater SC622 - Fall Gear, 2012

It's getting harder to find these beauties...

This is my second Grizzly Fenwick SC622 but first modeled in the 1980's.  The distinguished brown blank that became the norm for fiberglas rods in the 80's came after the traditional yellow/honey blank.
The dark contrast made it possible to have brighter contrast thread-work and a different SC622.
5 guides + tip and traditional ferrule built for pistol grip handles such as Featherweight Champion out of Glendale, California this setup is reminiscent of ones that have been forgotten stateside.

A banner rod not-for-collection rather to be put to work.