Monday, March 25, 2013

215fishspot welcomes Masinloc Zambales Fishing Lodge (MZFL)

215fishspot & Masinloc Zambales Fishing Lodge (MZFL) Collaboration for 2013!
Facebook Site | Masinloc Zambales Fishing Lodge - Philippine's authentic sport-fishery
It's a new year and that means new opportunities for life, business, family, and just as important, our passion: Fishing!  For the new year and to extend the fortune of my blog 215fishspot and the owner of Masinloc Zamabales Fishing Lodge have made a home base in the Philippians.  

Masinloc is the region within the Zambales province of Philippians.  It is located in the northwest of the country's coast facing the South China Sea.
At this time, 215fishspot is developing the fishery with resort owner and local maritime agencies.  
The fishery and aquatic life has been preserved through thoughtful establishment of maritime protection. Offshore structures include sea-mounts, ledges, drop-offs, plateaus, and beautiful coral fields.
There is an immense diversity of fish that make the regional Zambales waters home.  Along with inshore species, the waters offshore into the South China sea also hold sport-fishing worthy pelagics.  Currently, we are developing a fish calendar for target-able species such as:

  • Bluefin Tuna
  • Yellowfin Tuna 
  • Dogtooth Tuna
  • Blue Marlin
  • Giant Trevally
  • Mahi-Mahi  (Dorado) 
  • Kingfish (Spanish Mackarel)
  • Wahoo
  • Jobfish
  • Bonito   

Masinloc Zambales Fishing Lodge (MZFL) is home to the Philippines most prized and contraversial fishing ground, Scarborough Shoal. A future sport-fishery encompasses the regional waters of Zambales and into the South China Sea and reaching them with the collaboration of local boatman and fishing communities.

We are currently looking to equip the lodge with more and up-to-date center console inboard/outboard vessels.

The jigging & popping industry within the area is still in the primitive stages and we plan to transform the techniques to accommodate.

We are also looking for basic tackle shop supplies/terminal gear.  If you can help us, please find us on Facebook at:

Facebook Site | Masinloc Zambales Fishing Lodge - Philippine's authentic sport-fishery

Thank you!!