Thursday, August 4, 2011

Van Staal VM150 Spinning Reel Review ongoing report

Update:  March 18 & 19th 2012:
link to report: Spring Cod Fishing - Cox Ledge Report

I brought the VM150 up to Rhode Island and paired it with a custom Seeker Hercules Inshore Light or GTS70L blank.  The rod is designed to jig up to 12 ounce and has a soft S-Glass composite tip.  The reel matched up well and I ended up jigging pollack.  This time I spooled up with Daiwa Samurai Braid (8 weave braid), which has a diameter of 0.14 (mono).  It fit about 270 yards.  Very thin line for breaking strength of #70lbs.

Previous Update from 2011: 

My VM-150 stood the test of 4 trips:

18 Hour Seabass - NJ
This reel shared duty during my last offshore jigging trip in the winter of 2010/2011.

The Atlantic Star was it's first conquest out into the deep blue.  It's job was to crank 5lb Black Seabass from 300 feet depths. 

#50 Amberjack - NC
April, 2011 I put the reel through it's paces with screaming 100 yard drag runs, and re-runs from Amberjack.  Although again the reel shared duties it does the job for mid sized AJ's and I was told would make an excellent Grouper/Snapper reel.

The other two trips out I plugged off the beach. The reel has never felt under-gunned.

The only thing I wish it could have is more capacity so I can put enough PE5-6 or #60 Jerry Brown on it so I can max out the drag when jigging for pelagics. I guess I cannot wish this reel to be a larger VM -250 (please... we have all wanted for so long :p)
The drag is smooth, but that is expected from a reel in this class. I do like the handle after all this use. There is a definite Van Staal "cranking-power" with the VM. It will continue to test it through this fall. Hopefully the extra spools become available as well.

I did notice that the hex screws on the main body were loosened up after the last trip.  I took a tool to is and actually made 1 complete turn on most 2 out of 4 screws... 

More test to come as I am jigging Nantucket in the near future.  I will report on the continued usage. :D