Friday, March 11, 2011

Japan's Finest - Amberjack style reels, jigs, rods, and gear 2011

Many Japanese anglers have made this jig very popular.  In Japan a successful trip for Amberjack is a trip that cost $350+ and the chance to catch a 5lb fish.  Amongst all the anglers on the boat, only a few will be actually jigged up.

Two years ago it was the Nature Boy's Swim Rider Short 175g.
Now it is the Mg-Craft Skill Jig.  Enter the most popular jig currently in Japan:
520g & 270g models.

And now the reel that will put the pain to these bruisers:

And one reel I will try to break while down there:

My winning lineup

3 Setups:

A.) 420g Hots - 16k SOM

B.) 250g Minato-ku - 10k Saragosa

C.) 150g Lacosa - VM150


1.) 400g Nagamasa

2.) 500g Skill Jig

3.) 300g Jackknife-R


1.) 270g Skill Jig

2.) 250g Crazy Long Jig

3.) 250g Keitan


1.) 250g Inchiku

2.) 175g Swim Rider Short

3.) 150g Crazy Long Jig