Friday, March 11, 2011

Japan's Finest - Amberjack style reels, jigs, rods, and gear 2011

Many Japanese anglers have made this jig very popular.  In Japan a successful trip for Amberjack is a trip that cost $350+ and the chance to catch a 5lb fish.  Amongst all the anglers on the boat, only a few will be actually jigged up.

Two years ago it was the Nature Boy's Swim Rider Short 175g.
Now it is the Mg-Craft Skill Jig.  Enter the most popular jig currently in Japan:
520g & 270g models.

And now the reel that will put the pain to these bruisers:

And one reel I will try to break while down there:

My winning lineup

3 Setups:

A.) 420g Hots - 16k SOM

B.) 250g Minato-ku - 10k Saragosa

C.) 150g Lacosa - VM150


1.) 400g Nagamasa

2.) 500g Skill Jig

3.) 300g Jackknife-R


1.) 270g Skill Jig

2.) 250g Crazy Long Jig

3.) 250g Keitan


1.) 250g Inchiku

2.) 175g Swim Rider Short

3.) 150g Crazy Long Jig


  1. Bro, which japanese tackle shop you get those stufffs? Look cool....

  2. Brah, we're looking at goods from PROSHOP MOGI, and a few local shops like Sansui and some used tackle shops. It's a collection.

    Hooks are straight recommendation from Mogi after fishing NC. :D