Thursday, March 24, 2011

Preparation for World Class Amberjack Jigging - North Carolina, United States of America 2011 - Part 2

A quick throw up of the gear going into this trip.

I saved you all of the explanation for the jigs and names and rings and types and weights and ratings and thickness and action and performance where abouts in the world made the product famous.

I'll make em famous in NC 2011.

Shout out to FISHTOKYO.COM & SOMETIMES CAN ANGLERS.  You know who you are. 

One Love


  1. GAWD I miss fishin!

  2. you got some really cool info on here. I am a fly fisherman but this is cool to see the other side. great blog, you got a new follower

  3. Very informative, thanks for sharing.

  4. @ Dustin, Thanks for your support. It's great to hear the enthusiasm from another angler. Jigging lets us build teamwork in a way unlike any other type of fishing. I love the other side of fishing as well, like a stream all to myself. The challenge of figuring out a river's waters, and being able to place the lure/fly exactly where needed in order to get a strike. Thanks for following me!