Thursday, June 30, 2011

G. Loomis, St. Croix, Fenwick, Heddon, Abu - Summer Gear, 2011

Crappie fotos will be replaced SOON!  Keep awaiting fishos.... :)

St. Croix Legend Extreme - Shaky Head Magician

Abu Ambassadeur 5500DA

Abu Ambassadeur 5500C

Vintage Abu Ambassadeur 5500DA

Aki-san taught me to take these reels apart and re-arrange them to be what they should not be.  For this I blame him for everything.  However, this fisho never knew that I would actually appreciate the once long forgotten game of early 50's and 60's topwater bass game.

For this, I introduce the Abu Ambassadeur 5500DA model.  This is the direct drive reel with a drag plate.  Many Japanese anglers love this technique.  Mamoru san of Matagi (Osaka, Jp) is a big fan and collector of these reels.  We both agree on one thing:  Ambassadeur + Fenwick + Featherweight Champion Handle !

Enter 1980's child Abu (garcia) Ambassadeur 5500DA:

Fishing in for Canadians - First cast for Pike

Elusive to me are the Canadian pike.  To me they are picky, arrogant, skinny fish that will pick a fisho apart with the need for the right presentation on topwater.  Seems like a spinner bait can catch them without hesitation but as you know, my topwater (lackthereof) skills leave me with an unheralded strategy to target them.

Anyhow, Preliminary lures for the monsters I thought would work were:

Heddon Super Spook, Some useless tail prop lure from BassPro shops, and the Daiwa Dead of Alive swimbait.

0 for 2.... June was a tough month for me.

Gear used:
  • fenwick sc622 & abu 4000D (1960's internals)
  • fenwick 1255 & abu 4000D

Oh my Striper !! -- Conneticut open water fishing with bucktails (youtube)

Throwback to fish I haven't caught since last fall - Just remember these scenario(s):

Either 1:  If you have no luck on a fishy looking spot send your next cast to the most futile distance.
Either 2:  If you're fisho buddy is dancing and quoting: "I still got it" (0:47), and you wish to knot him up...
Either 3:  ....*enter text here*

Extra Scenario:  If you are a futile fisherman and can't catch fish unless you cast in a futile manner, don't bother...

filmed on iphone3gs
stradic ci4 4000
tidal tails bucktail 5/8oz
fenwick techna av Sic model