Thursday, June 30, 2011

Fishing in for Canadians - First cast for Pike

Elusive to me are the Canadian pike.  To me they are picky, arrogant, skinny fish that will pick a fisho apart with the need for the right presentation on topwater.  Seems like a spinner bait can catch them without hesitation but as you know, my topwater (lackthereof) skills leave me with an unheralded strategy to target them.

Anyhow, Preliminary lures for the monsters I thought would work were:

Heddon Super Spook, Some useless tail prop lure from BassPro shops, and the Daiwa Dead of Alive swimbait.

0 for 2.... June was a tough month for me.

Gear used:
  • fenwick sc622 & abu 4000D (1960's internals)
  • fenwick 1255 & abu 4000D

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