Thursday, June 30, 2011

Oh my Striper !! -- Conneticut open water fishing with bucktails (youtube)

Throwback to fish I haven't caught since last fall - Just remember these scenario(s):

Either 1:  If you have no luck on a fishy looking spot send your next cast to the most futile distance.
Either 2:  If you're fisho buddy is dancing and quoting: "I still got it" (0:47), and you wish to knot him up...
Either 3:  ....*enter text here*

Extra Scenario:  If you are a futile fisherman and can't catch fish unless you cast in a futile manner, don't bother...

filmed on iphone3gs
stradic ci4 4000
tidal tails bucktail 5/8oz
fenwick techna av Sic model

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