Thursday, June 30, 2011

Vintage Abu Ambassadeur 5500DA

Aki-san taught me to take these reels apart and re-arrange them to be what they should not be.  For this I blame him for everything.  However, this fisho never knew that I would actually appreciate the once long forgotten game of early 50's and 60's topwater bass game.

For this, I introduce the Abu Ambassadeur 5500DA model.  This is the direct drive reel with a drag plate.  Many Japanese anglers love this technique.  Mamoru san of Matagi (Osaka, Jp) is a big fan and collector of these reels.  We both agree on one thing:  Ambassadeur + Fenwick + Featherweight Champion Handle !

Enter 1980's child Abu (garcia) Ambassadeur 5500DA:

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