Saturday, February 25, 2012

Shout Fisherman's Tool - Expedition Bag IV & Jigger III (White/Black), Spring Gear 2012

AT LAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have been meaning to post some stuff up about the Shout and their products for jigging and popping.  My first experience with Shout was through their Kudako hooks.  Eventually fellow anglers from Singapore and Malaysia along with Japan convinced me to check out their gear.  This time around my fellow fishos were kind enough to pick up this item along with some others for a up-and-coming multi-day excursion. 

There are some times when you have those MUST HAVE items and this particular model is one of them.
Enter the Shout Expedition Bag IV, in limited White colour range.  Realize that the Black hooded EVA cover comes off and can be used as a lunch-time plate for quick eats between fishing drops when the captain decides to move the boat.  Cheers mate!

Dimensions: W45cm x D32cm x H35cm

 The bag is part of their "Just Fit" lineup where different cases or sleeves can be partitioned into each other making the piece just fit together evenly.  Although not new, there are alot of products that Shout has only in Japan and slowly they will trickle down into the US market.  Thank our local storefronts for bringing them in, especially this type of product where shipping them per piece creates less then "most" profitable margins.

Notice the very useful addition of a "rod holder".  This is the simple reason for purchasing the Expedition IV.  I can use this to keep track of my scissors!  Or plier if I don't have it on a lanyard to my belt.  Finally...I won't mis-place them and have fellow anglers use the PE cutter for their Mono Leaders!! (magahai!)

The Jigger III is another item I very well wanted in my line up. This belongs to my fellow fisho.  A tad smaller, this is the model that is more compact.  You can use this for your lunch box at work or for tackle on the boat.  More popular and having outstanding useability the Jigger III (Black) makes a handsome piece even for home pets.

Dimensions: W41cm × D25cm × H27cm

Beautiful!  Size comparison to putter.


  1. They will be our great companies on the boat!

  2. Wonderful tools from Shout fisherman. Love to see this expedition bags and spring gear.