Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Decisions decisions...

So I found out that If I was going to invest in a few good rods I wouldn't have made that purchase for the Fenwick Techna AV. I mean I would have purchased it but probably needed to rid myself of the avid beforehand.
I did some contemplating and as I understand my two rods that will be used for back bay, the Avid is the better of the two for jigging and the AV is the better of the two for plugging.

Sounds like I am justifying right? We'll there isnt a need for re-sale here. I'm pretty happy because the two rods are actually significantly different.

The avid is super fast tip and has a forgiving light tip, the midsection really takes on a solid backbone for a blank of this type. I think this blank is more dynamic when it comes to new technology to control jigs. The flexibility is that it is strong mid-blank and will be able to set the hook correctly with light jigs up to 3/4 oz.

Without experiance on the AV rod, I can still make a sincere analysis. As the blank goes, it isn't extra fast action. It's listed as fast however I would catagorize it into the medium range. It bends quite universal and there isnt the tip, mid-blank, and butt diferences. It's more like a blank that would fight fish with the entire rod. I can see myself really putting a good bend into this one when fighting a 15lb+ striped bass. This rod will see only plugs and pencils, and poppers because of the slower action. I can see myself using lower rated # test braid with this one.

So the two characteristics are drastic in difference as well as probable performance. Avid for jigs and plastics, AV for plugs and topwater. Done!