Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Seeker a Jigging Rod? Custom Rod Report - Seeker Hercules Inshore Lite

Fishing Rod Report for Cod from Coxes Ledge March 18-19, 2012

Click on the following links related to the rod's build specifications along with it's first fishing trip.

Like many of us out there, I love to jig. We set out on trips vowing to only use the jig and leave the bait setup behind. Perhaps it's the challenge or the fact that it's simply a fun way to target fish that dwell on the bottom of the ocean floor.

Last fall I made it up to the Block Island fishery and for many that already know, it's the mecca for big fluke as they stage up and migrate south and to the offshore locations. As I gathered my multiple setups I decided to bring a medium action 6 foot 6 inch spinning rod with me. I paired it up with a Shimano 5000 size Sustain FE that I purchased from Fisherman's Headquarters. This is was my original jigging rod for those 18 hour sea bass trips that has a moderately fast action as a composite build. I had confidence with it already as I already fought and landed my biggest bluefish of 17lbs from a party boat in Point Pleasant named the Big Jamaica.

While fishing on the Frances Fleet out of Point Judith I met a fellow angler at the rail with a custom rod. I noticed the action throughout the day with a hot bite proving that it was no match for the rod he was using. While the captain repositioning the boat I decided to ask him what setup he had going on. He mentioned that his buddy had wrapped up a few rods for him in the past and that this particular model was a cut down Seeker Hercules Inshore Lite. I was sold after the end of the day as it was exactly what I was looking for. The rod had more backbone then the jigging rod I brought along with me and also had a soft feel that made it easy to fish with all day. While driving home I decided to do my research on the particular blank. My thoughts were: It's a Seeker, and American made!

A few months ago I mentioned to my friend Greg about building a rod capable of lifting fish out of their wrecks or rocks and at the same time have the stopping power to turn a big striper's head. I wanted a utility rod that could do more then just one thing. I also wanted a rod that could handle up to 12 ounces of lead as my upcoming multi-day trip was targeting codfish off Coxes Ledge.

Greg considered a few blanks and with my recommendation we decided on the lightest blank available so the build was started. We went with the blank model: GTS70, which is the official name from Seeker in California.

In short, our efforts were genuine as there are no builds quite like this one. The design originally is made for all-around type bottom fishing in the northeastern shores. Greg had gone in 3 or 4 different guide-train possibilities ranging with my favored fuji BLCAG or “lowriders” to SVSG type guides. Through measuring guide spacing and ring height he recommended the BKWAG for the stripper guide and 2nd guide along with the BMNAG for choker and remaining guides. Alconite rings are the single most used guides that I have on any of my fishing rods and I felt comfortable going with them since they are light and resilient to heavy braid usage.

Often times gaining leverage on fish is easier with a shorter rod as long as it has sufficient backbone. I decided the perfect length is 6'3”. It's 3 inches shorter then my Saltiga jigging rod that I use to target smaller fish (however Personal Best on that rod is a 17lb bluefish) and has more strength and backbone while still retaining a soft tip. The very first fish I caught on this rod was a pollock on a 200g Shimano Bottom Ship Inchiku jig.

Check out the video I have made that really shows the bend and taper of the jigging rod. It's a true pleasure to land big fish with this rod and support my buddy and his rod wrapping addiction.

Thank you & Enjoy !!