Saturday, January 23, 2010

Project P - Update 1, Paint Stripping Materials

I'm working on a Penn 704 Greenie and transforming it to the "brush aluminum" design.
Currently acquiring all the parts for the project. I'm learning alot.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Jigging Master PE5 Noise Comparison

Just a quick quirb I put up on youtube for the Jigging Master Powerspell PE5 reel.


Sunday, January 3, 2010

Ocean Tackle International - 250gram Prototype blank testing

New Carbon technology blanks will change 2010's marketplace.  OTI is one of the companies that has a jump on the market with the first in-production/mas production lineup of jigging and popping rods.  From what I hear they will keep their older Extreme and Tuna Sniper lineup and create an entry level lineup along with the Carbon technology lineup.

I wonder about the lifting power? Compared to the black hole rods I bent before Christmas I think they would be up to par but this rod is still in prototype fashion. First ship date is in February for:
Jigging Rod Models: 250g, 400g, 500g and maybe 800g
Popping Rod Models: 7'6" 40-60lb, 7'6" 60-80lb, 7'6" 80-120lb, 8'6" 40-60lb, 8'6" 60-80lb

Friday, January 1, 2010

Tying FG knot - explained

Okay, I decided to post a video that was made by my homeboy in Japan.  Chinese guys know how to tie FG Knots.  My friend is expert at knot tying and has extra ordinary Suzuki (japanses seabass) fishing skills.  His port of call is Tokyo bay, Japan.  If you are interested in catching 80cm specimen then I can forward you his info.

I think you can benefit from this very strong knot as this is the only knot I tie for my casting game (and deep drop jigging) PE to leader.


Mackeral Quest - Miss Belmar Princecess

During the last trip out of Point Pleasant, a mackeral was caught from the guy standing next to me.  Caught on the chewed up remains of crab from a failed tautog hookset the lil guy (about 11 inches) came aboard.
Looking back at some old photos I remembered that about 1 year ago at this time I went on my annual mackeral jigging trip out of Belmar, NJ

I believe it's allmost time to go again.  What dictates the early coming of the mac fish is cold water.  As soon as that is around then the schools are found.  I'm looking forward to a trip in January before cod starts.

Here is the catch from last season: