Thursday, January 15, 2015

Cultiva Owner STX-58 Treble Hook - Starting up with the Evolution !! - Winter Gear, 2015


Owner Cultiva for many many seasons has been the solid performing treble that have seen the lips of hundreds of fish. I'm pretty confident the only downfall for them is the start of "rusting" after a few trips rendering them useless.

My buddy Aki from Japan suggested giving them a try back in the mid 2000's and I haven't really found a need for replacement unless in a specific scenario.

Anyhow, the new STX version has released in 2014 and I was curious to the differences. Aki says: give them a try, but you know the older version works just fine, right?

They are ¥100 yen higher in price and seem to have a different coated surface. Let's hope they are up to par AND better than the previous.

Model used: STX-58
Size: 2
Purchased at Proshop Gil - Tokyo

Give them a try if you like...

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