Wednesday, October 23, 2013

BOUZ Line Cutter II (B LINE CUTTER II) - Butane FUELED PE Line cutter - Fall Gear, 2013

New ADDITION to the gearbox.
I've been hawking this butane lighter for a while now and recently was able to pick up the BOUZ Line Cutter II and use it for tying FG knots on PE & Mono.  Being a model 2, I figured there is alot of improvements over the pilot model.   I've never seen the original so I cannot comment.

The lighter is a refillable butane lighter made in China by a Japanese brand.

- Single feature that makes it worth it is the black flame shield that allows one to place a barrier between the flame and the rest of their line system.  This will probably save a few fingers from being burnt and also create more confidence in your knot.
- The black shield pictured here doesn't heat up until after constant usage for over 10 seconds. 
- Accuracy for both PE & Mono & Fluorocarbon braid and leader. 
- It comes with a handy manual which describes the different usage and steps for refill.
- There is a nice slotted "hole" at the bottom left corner where someone wanted to attache a lanyard. 
- The PE line cutter is the actual flame that stays ignited (from electric spark) as long as you wish.
- There is a nice spring loaded lid that meets an O-RING seal at the base of the cap.
- Also exist is a lid lock, where you can swing the lever over the quick release button for a lock-down of the lid to prevent water penetration or whatever. 
- The BOUZ also has a radio dial on the bottom to adjust flame height (denoted -/+).

Other colors are: Black, Red, Blue, and I've heard CLEAR is available but have never seen one.  Perhaps that's the original model. 

The color Yellow was chosen so that I can find it at the bottom of my gear back/pouch.