Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Meeting the PA, and NJ crew from 360Tuna!

Along with the show attractions were some great dealers/distributors.
I got to finally meet some names on 360tuna.  It was great to meet you all and get some face time with others.  Bret, I didnt get a picture your your father Tony but it was also great to meet him and Michael.

And Finally A Kevin Van Dam sighting!!!!!

Meeting True World Tackle

I had a chance to meet with a few good dealers and distributors at the Oaks Sports show. 
Funny to say but I felt like the local show really showed some good charateristics of where Jigging and Popping is going.  I met with few friends and industry guys. 

One of the Jigging and Popping tackle shops that made it down was True World Tackle.  Owner is Akira and his head tackle guy is Jason aka Geyssonh from Republic Dominicana. We hit it off right away as Geyssonh is a true surf junkie from the northern Jersey coast.

Anyhow, the funny way we met was when I was meandering in the exhibit rod racks I had a feeling that someone was looking at me and I looked up to see Geyssonh waving and saying hi!  I walked over and he mentioned that he recognied me and asked if I was Enoch.  After a quick intro and laugh we talked tackle.  Great guy and friendly convo lead me to feel like he and Akira were great guys. 
I happened to meet another gentleman that tapped me on the shoulder while I was in the True World Tackle exhibit.  His name was Jeese from Philadelphia Anglers Club.  What a great feeling to be known in this fishing industry.  I guess all the blog and youtube videos gave me some public image.  :)

I took some pictures.  They had a great assortment of Volandors.  That is one of my favorite swimbaits.


Tackle Now Figure 8 Solid Rings

For a good time I decided to visit Dan Harley and the crew at Cape May Tackle for some good convo and to check out their products.  They recently imported what seems to be a quality ball bearing and figure 8 solid ring.

(PICTURE 1)The rating for the #7 bearing swivel is #260 and figure 8 is #240 (pounds)
The comparable swivels in exhibit #1 is Sampo #300, then the #7 Tackle Now, followed by the #6 Tackle Now rated to #220.

(PICTURE2) This is a comparison with the Jigging Master Figure 8 Solid ring (left).  That ring is rated #350lbs and is the Medium size.  the Tackle Now version (right) is Large size.  I forget the rating.

Some quick snaps:

Patriot Designs - The Blast Edge by Matsutani 230g Tuna Candy

Rocking New Jig! 
Patriot Design has a beautiful jig that sports some great finish.  The quality of this jig is phenomenal and I will guess that the company testers have gone to much testing for this design.

The body looks like the Seven Seas Hooker 1 Darter jig without the middle indentation and shiney holographic sticker.

I'm impressed with the dynamic design at first glance.  It comes in perfect 230 gram weight and perfect tuna color: "tuna candy"  I believe it was nicknamed by guys at Cape May Tackle who is their distributor in USA.

Heru by Jigging World

Here are the popper and stickbaits along with some nice JM bottom "inchiku" type jigs. 
Ocean Tackle International (TJ)'s in Mahi and Snapper color.

Aside from the Jigging Master jigs, these are a must for the popper family in warmer waters chasing yellowtail tuna.

Heru Cubera 100/125
Heru Skipjack 60/90
OTI Wombat
Jigging Master Bouncer "Inchiku" style jig