Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tackle Now Figure 8 Solid Rings

For a good time I decided to visit Dan Harley and the crew at Cape May Tackle for some good convo and to check out their products.  They recently imported what seems to be a quality ball bearing and figure 8 solid ring.

(PICTURE 1)The rating for the #7 bearing swivel is #260 and figure 8 is #240 (pounds)
The comparable swivels in exhibit #1 is Sampo #300, then the #7 Tackle Now, followed by the #6 Tackle Now rated to #220.

(PICTURE2) This is a comparison with the Jigging Master Figure 8 Solid ring (left).  That ring is rated #350lbs and is the Medium size.  the Tackle Now version (right) is Large size.  I forget the rating.

Some quick snaps:

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