Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Eel Bucket Storage Design - My Red Bucket's solution to keep those eels alive, Fall Gear 2010

Took some time today to make an eel bucket.  As some of you know if you store the eels in your bucket over a longer period of time they will drown themselves in their own slime.  Either that or they will poison each other with they excess er... stuff from their bodies.

Anyhow, enter my red buckets.  Take two buckets and perform the drilling to one of them.  The one that has the holes is the top bucket and the regular one is the bottom one.  This drains the slime from the eels so they will live happily a little longer.  This is the stack design.

Just a trick I found on a popular surf fishing website: Surftalk

Saturday, October 16, 2010

My Popping Plug MilkCrate Creation, Fall Gear 2010

Here is a quick 10 step guide to creating a lure/plug storage crate to go in your vehicle or to stack in your fishing den.  Keeps the plugs organized and has enough room for sizes up to 10" long.  This is the simplified version.  

Project: Love your plugs

Items Used:
  • MilkCrate
  • Schedule 40 PVC Pipe, length: 5ft x 2inch diameter (quantity 4)
  • Clear Cable Ties (20 pack)
  • Hacksaw 12"

  • Marker
  • Measuring Tape
  • Sandpaper - 120 grit
Start: Day 1

1.  "OBTAIN" a Milk Crate

2.  Decide on your pipe!  Enter the 2 inch "Schedule 40"

3.  Choose your weapon: Hacksaw 12"

4.  Measure up!  I'm at 10", ten...ten that is...

5.  After marking up, time to grease your elbow!

6.  Chopped up portions, ready to go!  24 Counted for!

7.  Carefull attention to detail as I sand down the edges 120 grit!

8.  VOILA!  Enter final stage of Milkcrate design.

9.  With the addition of plugs, the only step left cable ties.


Start Day 2 - Drilling Water escape holes & Cable ties:

Now for the cable work.  I tied all the outside tubes (6 on each side).


Complete Elapsed Time:  3 hours
Total Cost for Project Milkcrate: $? USD

Finished Product: $$PRICELESS$$  =D  ...Enjoy!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

JDM Original Saurus Train Inc. Tobi Pencil Lure - Blue Sardine, Fall Gear 2010

The Original Pencil stick from Japan.  Shinkingupenshiru.  Never replicated all wood wire through construction.  Paying homage.  Thank you CSL2.  I dug this one out of storage.  Originally I was going to target bluefin tuna but it's a bit undersized.
Saurus Train Inc.
YES...people who wish to be a fisherman always have the shadow of fish.
One image of the fish with background is also imprinted on his mind. --Saurus Train

Welcome the Tobi Pencil. (Tobi Pen)
Blue Sardine

Compared to Super Strike Bullet 1 5/8oz. Black/Purple
Rigged: VMC 9626PS 2/0 4x STRONG Treble & Rosco #5 Split Ring

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Mega Zoom's - Back from the storage boxes, Fall Gear 2010

A few have asked me about what works for me when it comes to catching inshore/backbay fish.  I've told them that the most successfull lure has been this particular Zoom fluke.

They are no secret to serious anglers as it catches everything.  From Tog, to Seabass, Fluke, to Stripers, Blues, Croaker, Sundials, Sea Robins, Walleye, to Flathead Catfish this one catches it all.

Enter the Mega White Ice 7" model.  --Don't say I didnt warn you. =)

Monday, October 11, 2010

Duel Salty Rubber - 60gram, Fall 2010 Gear

With all the talk about bunker in the surf, here is an un-conventional way to target them.
I found the lightest one and will throw it with my surf gear as the stripers come in for dinner :)  Welcome DUEL Salty Rubber in colour: SHP