Monday, April 6, 2009

So, I did make a decsion on the rod setups. Over the weekend I was able to go out to the shore with Jie and manage to swing him into making some purchases.

Anyhow, I did pick up a rod and some PE-8 Line.

I decided on the Tuna Sniper.

HOORAY, it's a 8'6" beast. 2-piece (at handle - Jp style). Rated at 40-60 lb line and up to 200g or 7 ounces to throw.
I was able to make the decision when I actually saw the piece and feel the strength of the rod.

The line that I picked up was 350 yards of PE-8 Daiwa Saltiga Boat braid. Fitted by a machine at the store. The chap was nice enough to do a good job.

Ocean City to Barnaget Light. We plugged RM Smith and Tattoo's for about 2 hours without a bite.

TOO SOON, but the bass and weakys will be there soon...

I am also considering the Shimano Tiralejo 80MHF-LC for the surf. I got to bend that one in the shop in OC and its magnificent!