Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hopper Rod Replacement

So, it took a month but....

Capt. Harry's in Miami replaced my rod.
Although I feel that there is a lack of good communication with this rod warrenty/replacement, they eventually did what I wanted and that was to replace the rod free of charge.

Can you believe it took a month to complete? Mind you they didnt even call me or email me to confirm any kind of action. I had to call them last week to see what in the world was happening.
Initially I got the story that they will give me store credit, but after calling back today they confirmed they had sent me a replacement (I presume the day I called to question is the day they shipped UPS).

Also I feel nobody in the warehouse there speaks to another of their fellow reps. I had to explain three times and after that was promised a callback....that was not followed through.

C'mon, Carl (owner), Jose, and Jesus, get your act together....
Poor shipping package too....

Grade: C-