Friday, August 14, 2009

Greenlane x R.M. Smith - Late Summer Topwater Action

Tackle Info:
Rod Used : Vintage Fenwick 1255 Feralite 5'6"
Reel Used : Vintage Abu Ambassadeur 4000D
Line Used : Spiderwire 50lb Green Braid - Original Braid

Okay guys for one of the last times of the season, the wind/weather lined up and I knew it would be a trip to take and remember. PB day as I claimed...

...well, I did fight my PB but never landed it.

Total in all, 3 solid hookups on one lure that I launched into the shadows all day. Jieman was my accompanist however his beer can lure tactics did not field a fish.
The morning was slow, I did have a hit on the RM Smith but I couldnt set the hook twice.


Yes it did rain, Jie didnt lend me his raincoat...

Instead of being bad to our bodies and picking up wawa or mckids we treated ourselves to some great pizzaria!

Overall, a beautiful day and fish over 20 inches. ;D (20.4) and some missed monster

Lure Used: R.M. Smith Jointed Swimbait