Tuesday, February 9, 2010

NO LIMITS Solider - Studio Ocean Mark SW16000 Spool

Introducing the No Limits SW16000 Spool from Studio Ocean Mark

This is the outcome of  215fishspot & Tekito-Maru (att7.jp )

Reel Capacity
PE4-450 (2.8) MAX500
PE5-380(2.4) MAX410 PE5-380 (2.4) MAX410
PE6-300(2.5) MAX320 PE6-300 (2.5) MAX320
PE8-250(2.0) MAX260 PE8-250 (2.0) MAX260


Drag Max

Shout outs to Captian Aki of Tekito-maru - Tokyo Bay!

Just wanted to give a shout out to my buddy over in Tokyo ravaging the bays and inshore structure for some great seabass (suzuki) action.

てきと丸 (Tekito-maru) is currently is the only English speaking Tokyo bay charter and charter the most popular gamefish inshore, the Suzuki (basically USA's Striped bass), kurodai (black sea bream), Madai (sea bream or red snapper), yellowtail (inada, warasa), rockfish (mebaru, kasago, soi), beltfish (tachiuo).

By any world standard  these are some great sized game fish!  Thanks for the update!

Captian Yumma and his 29 inch

Captian Aki with his 33 inch

Finally, a proud customer with his 37 inch

All of these fish were caught within the last month (jan/feb 2010)