Sunday, May 6, 2012

G. Loomis Greenwater GWR901S GLX 7'6", Summer Gear 2012

Welcome G.Loomis Greenwater !!

7 foot 6 inches - MAG-Medium
Long Cast Inshore Dream in GLX flavor !!

Model: GWR 901S (spinning)
Action: Extra Fast
Line:  10 - 20 pound test
Lure: 1/4 - 1 1/4 ounces
Balance Reel Choice: Sustain 5000FE or range: 10-12 ounce reel

Said to be the ultimate inshore saltwater rod. The GLX is the highest echelon for the Greenwater series.  It's the pride and job of what the company desires to bring to the market.  Not new or fancy, we get the 901S as the go-to rod for long cast with a wide range of lure weight.  1 1/4 ounces at the top of the lure range doesn't resemble what we usually use for the backbays but it's design, along with the high modulus GLX technology, lets us bully fish into submission and draw to more elite hierarchy of species with more might and bite without forgetting others in the same vein.

I thoroughly enjoy this "stock" rod built with RECoil guides.  Not my first choice but I see the advantages of a super light guide that doesn't inhibit the action of the rod's blank.  With a minimal footprint on the blank, the guides need less epoxy and thinner thread.

I can visibly see that the black wrap is probably a size A and that there is only one layer.  There exist metallic thread that changes in color where decorative wrap has been placed at the "butt" end in front of the fore-grip.  This changes from gold, silver, metallic green, & metallic blue.

The thread work is "okay" at best and I'm not impressed with any of the detail of the wrappers at G.Loomis.  Also the flex coat or epoxy work for the guides is "shotty" and could be more even.  I barely see air bubbles so I assume that an alcohol flame was used before the UV light was flashed on.  Thread is packed together seemingly without the use of a burnishing tool.  Workmanship should be looked over as nothing is impressive.

The hook keeper, which I deem useless could be swapped for a more inline style (see: St. Croix Legend Extreme).

G.Loomis re-vamped the components they used in all but a few models.  This includes newer style seats, cork, burl, buttcaps, and winding checks.  This rod see's none of that.  The reel seat is FUJI DPS 17, which I believe was introduced in 1996.  Butt of rod to reel seat is 9.5 inches.  This is the typical rear grip length I like as it fits my forearm.  Another inch is all right as well. 

Everything works as it should. 

Please see link from Bassbarn forum for comparison between GWR and Pro-Green/Blue models: Bassbarn Forum - Loomis greenwater or pro-green? Difference?


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