Saturday, July 4, 2009

Jumping into the Misty Blue - My First Mako, July 4th, 2009


I had the chance to jump onto the boat our PAC tuna trip will be taking place on. Since bluefin reports have been slim this week I decided to go for the last chance to land a shark from beginning to end this summer. After this trip I'll focus primarily on tunas.

The Seas were a rough one. Swells were 5-6 feet and 3 second intervals, 20 mph gust and most frustrating of all, the wind and current were going face on with each other.
Boat position was key and I started my mission to do the unheard of. Jig up Mr. Shark

I did the dirty and landed a very tasty 125lb estimate (shy estimate) Mako off the Cigar on our nations birthday!
Say hi to my friend. As well as Vic, my brave new fighting coach that has no fear of fish with big sharp teeth!

I only have 2 photos, of the same pose and a few i'll post the link as follows:


Rendezvous 1:45am at dock in Cape May.
200lbs of mack and bunker
2 gallons mehadden oil
7 buckets of frozen mixed chum

and a FishGuys T-shirt equals = A whole lot of Mako steaks!



Here are the two video's...

1. Me fighting catfish and getting made fun of...
2.The boomstick action... wait until the end for the $ shot.

the fight is over and mate is aiming the shell before we gaff and pull her aboard.

I'm pretty sure that the shark didn't even know that it was hooked until I brought her in the first time and she saw my face staring back at her. I remember that because afterwards she stripped like 50 yards of line off with one pull. Drag set at 16-18lbs.