Sunday, May 16, 2010

Greenlane Reservoir 5.13 - Early Topwater Action

Beautiful weather with morning fog.  We arrived before 6am and waited for the friendly women to arrive and open the gate.  $5 per hour for a jon boat is a great deal. 
Greenlane is one of my favorite large mouth bass fisheries.  They have some great water with small rental row/electric motor boats available.  I never been on the water with so much fog, it literally covered the lake like a thick coating.  Visibility was about 30 feet.  The fog burned off as the sun rose. 

I brought a friend that has been asking me to go fishing for a very long time.  Very enjoyable, here are the pictures from last week.  My goal of putting a friend on fish was successful as they hooked into a 18.5" bass with the Thumb lure from Japan.  Awesome!

Some gear used:

Abu Ambassadeur 2500C & 4000D
Fenwick 1255
Fenwick SC622
Heddon Deluxe Pal Spook


  1. Wicked blog man, keep up the good work

  2. Thanks brotha! More reports to come, as the fishing takes priority haha...

    Any suggestions, lmk.

  3. Hm...Somehow I realized the reel & the rod...

  4. I love fishing Green Lane. There's some monster bass in there.