Saturday, May 22, 2010

Greenlane Reservoir 5.22 - PUT ON AIRS

I'm putting the time in on Greenlane this year.  Although I know there are bigger/better bodies of water for LMB trophies, I like the reservoir.

Anyhow, with the weather today I knew it would be a fun time out.  So I went.  As I arrived there were 3 cars ahead of me that were stacked with fellows.  2 pulled up behind me and we were all waiting for the office lady to come open the gate and let us crazies in. 

Aki, I found a new way to the row boat launch.  I left at 5:17am, arrived at 6:02am.

Anyhow, I was the second on the water and here is my crazy picture report.  I know they aren't HUGE like we are used to but nonetheless.  Greenlane bass. 
Tip your hat to 'em!

Oh yea, so for some reason they all hit that Japanese Hooker dual prop.  That thing is fantastic and I upgraded the hooks to owners.  Very sharp and strong as a bull.

So, I went 50% today.  6 hits, 3 in the boat.  I missed a bigger bass from multiple headshakes under the boat.  I was watching him too much to be serious.


Overall, it was a fun trip with cloudy weather (the best!).  Topwater doesn't get funner then this!  Missing hits, snagging tree limbs, eating lunch on the boat! :D  2 thumbs UP!

Now Remember... PUT ON AIRS

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