Saturday, May 22, 2010

Cape May Tackle - Fluke Jigheads (Spro Style)

Manufactured in Asia, packaged and label by the designers at Cape May Tackle.  Here is the homegrown jig that I got to pick up locally at B&T shop before sushi dinner the other night.  :)

I'd like to wonder where the skirts are that I can attach to them.  I figure they designed it to be customizable.  I picked up the 3 & 5 ounce for bottom jigging on drifts for fluke fish.

Some fellow bloggers have asked me to support east coast tackle so here is my plug  x__x

They look and feel like Spro jigs.  The finish is great, however I didn't get any glow out of them.  I just assumed they were glow versions but I was mistaken. From what I've heard they swim nose up, rather then fully horizontal like the Spros. 

Overall nice finish, and seemingly strong OWNER hook (perhaps I would prefer Gammy...but...)
One mishap that appeared after carefull examination is that one of the eye's on the 5oz. jig was glued on outside where it should be.  Oh, well, it's tight on there.  Nice looking product.  I will test it out soon on my cod trip.

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  1. Have you used your Cape May Tackle - Fluke Jigheads (Spro Style) yet? Have you used the plastic squids with the nose cut off attached to the back of those jig heads and if so do you think or have you heard if they hook more fish than the real/fake bucktail jigs?