Saturday, December 19, 2009

Cancelled Plans for Striped Bass trip! Thumbs down!

Man, this weather has me at home and tied down without a thing to do.  Although it wasn't bad this morning (driving 65mph on I-95) it has gotten progressively worse.

I was about to go foul weather gear bass fishing but got the call that roads were being closed, so I guess its just pasta for dinner 2nite.

Under Armor thermal pants
Nike Cold-fit Long Sleeve
PAC Hoodie
Gore-tex jacket
Gore-tex pants
Dri-fit socks
3 other pairs of socks thick and thin
4 packs of swim shads
20 zooms
Box of plugs
Lucky bandanna
Puma neck warmer
Jiegong hat
Heated vest
Two 5-hour energy drinks

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