Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I Caught a Wreckfish - Pool winner - Atlantic Canyons 90miles out

-9.5 pounds
-350 feet deep
-Swivel rigged blue 5" squid cod teaser w/chartreuse 11" eelz tipped with squid
-Jerry Brown #60
-Yozuri #100 flurocarbon leader

Caught on the first drop of the day.  Big hit and hooked with a 8/0 Gamakatsu Circle hook.

6:28am, I wake up to see bunks cleared out and up to the deck I go.  Fish caught 6:45am.  I see one 25" golden tile caught after me.

Reel: Penn Baja Special
Rod: Daiwa Sealine-X Boat, SL-X B701HF 7'0"
Lure: 6-10oz
Line: 30-100lb Heavy

Guess which teaser caught the wreck?

Yep, the freakin 11" chartreuse eelz. Shows these buggers are greedy bottom huggers =)

Tilefish Gear Preparation:  (synapses & reference for the upcoming trip, since the last time I didn't catch any).

For reference when preparing tackle/gear for tilefish / bottomfish for Atlantic/Hudson Canyons (etc.)
Rods: 7'-7'6" Composite rod (cod fishing gear)
Reels: Penn Baja Special, Jigging Master PE5
Line system:
#60 braid to #100 leader via #180 swivel
Hooks: Gamakatsu River Bait Hooks 10/0 & 12/0
Weights: 2lb bank sinkers (32oz), 3lb bank sinkers (48oz)



  1. DUDer, true style!!! Still remembered that they picked up those badasses at kil's... HAHAHAHA!

  2. Very cool duder. Wish next time we can get li together with us for a short trip!

    stay gq