Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Broken Hopper Rod - July 13, 2009

Broken Rod:

How? Well, I was fighting a tuna around 19lbs of drag and the rod just snapped. The snap happened after the third guide. This is the 500gram Conventional Hopper Custom Rod by Capt. Harry's of Miami, Florida.

See for yourself


  1. Bro...its time for a real popping rod....SMITH WRC KOMODO DRAGON!!! im picking mine up end of this month!!! and most likely...a ZEEBAAS reel for an early Christmas present akakakakakakakak

  2. Very nice pick with the zeebaas. I think u should get that first!

    EARLY CHRISTMAS hahaha!!! thats way too early, just call it a tackle ho gift to oneself! haha

    Anyhow, did you decide on a size for the zeebaas? I owned the van staal before...ill post some pics for u...

  3. How did you break it?? Fighting a tuna??? lol