Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Smith Tokara 60 - Big Game GT Popping Rod



TOKARA 60 - Originally designed to tackle the BIG XXL GIANT TREVALLY found in the fast flowing currents of TOKARA in JAPANS SOUTH SEAS.

Heavy weight. P.E 8- 12 ( 80 - 120lb ). Max Casting Weight 250 grams. 7 Feet 6 Inches. Medium length for stability under heavy pressure. 2 PIECE BUTT JOINT. This is a BIG FISH rod, very powerful, yet controllable by the average angler. This rod has a tremendous reputation for landing enormous GTs.

SMITH GT Popping Rods have been exhaustively tested at the worlds most unforgiving and punishing locations throughout the world. They have stood the test of time and up till today, they stand out in a class of their own.

 7'6"    420g    12PE    250g   780mm   162cm   11kg(60°),7kg(90°)  

Pictures by Anuvat @ 360tuna, many thanks


  1. it is a no nonsense bring back the fish rod for sure....i love it...did you just get yours buddy?

  2. hi enoch spyder130 here regarding this rod i noticed that Glenn had it listed as a swibait rod on his guide to popping-casting on 360tuna Is it safe to say that this rod can work double duty as a popping and stickbait-swibait rod


  3. Hey brotha,
    I can say after seeing the rod that it is a stickbait capable rod for sure. There is enough give in the tip that will make handling them much easier. This rod is rockin for tuna up there in the east coast. Looking at the type of fish you find in PI, I think you could definitely benefit from having it as a multi-use rod. It may be overkill for species such as bonito, dodo's, jack's but it will be good for the occasional yft, mid-size GT, and wahoo. It can double but depends on the fish you target.
    BFT usually dont take poppers, but rather stickbaits. YFT may fall into the same regards but you wont need to throw big poppers at them to get their attention. GT's can take both poppers and stickbaits. Basically its the movement that attracts them. You can do double duty with it. Rod maxed out at PE10. I use stickbait and swimbait interchangably.

    Like Bruce says above, the rod is a no-nonsense bring back the fish rod for sure. And he has some good exerience with top-end rods to know it.