Friday, February 5, 2010

Stella 8000SW-PG


  1. Super Niceeeee!!!

    I was able to get the 10000sw, will be using mines in the surf for tarpons and jews and a few sharks, Hopefully someday i will be able to take it off shore. anyways love the blog bro keep it up.....


  2. Rockin bro! 10ksw is amazing since it's the same as the 8000 size body the reel is small and light enough to use for multi-species!

    Where side of the pond are you fishing in?

  3. I am actually in FL, I originally wanted the 8k but like you said they are the same size except for spool capacity so I got the 10 instead... Do you do much striper fishing from the surf??

  4. Good decision Dwight. I take it you followed me here from 360?
    That 10k was my first choice as I was going to use it for tuna popping however with the new design saltiga arriving in 2010 I decided to wait for it to be my high gear selection. The 8000 is the power gear that I'll use for jigging in cape cod and NC. Look for my upgrades on the spool in the next few weeks or so. I'll be posting those photos here only.
    To answer your question about surf fishing I can say that I have just started fishing the surf 2 years ago so I'm a novice and can still take on any and all advice you want to give :)
    I'm targeting stripers here off of New Jersey.


  5. this is funny rite, I actually found you through KY jigging space-then sometimes can angler, Then after checking the blog every now and then I realized you were on SOL and 360. I strted fishing(from the surf for snooks tarpos reds sharks and jews) 4yrs ago got hooked since, so I am still a novice but the gears arent anymore, always had to have the best for everything else so why not for fishing too, lol... I wanna get off shore but until then the surf it is. I love how you guys do it in the surf up in the north east especially in montaulk, I wanna give it a try sometime...

    Cant wait to see what you do with the reel man, hurry and post more pics....