Friday, June 19, 2009

MY summer season wishlist, Sometimes Can Anglers help me!

Hi all

Its been a long time but I just wanted to update with a quick WISHLIST of things to get for this summers attack

170lb bluefin tuna caught off my shore in New Jersey.
I'm getting excited for this experiance.

So, here is a list of tackle stuff I desire from over seas.

Shout! Tackle box w/strap. (155)
I need help finding this thing. Sometimes Can Anglers please help me!

Tailwalk PE3-4, around 250g Spin rod (320)
Shimano OCEA Blue Rose S4810F Spin rod (420)

Daiwa Morethan Branzino Spin reel (650)
Shimano Stella 10000SW (680)


  1. bro, log on to , if you have paypal, these guys are REALLY reliable and they have top of the range stuff....check it ot!

  2. Bro....Is the Blue Fin action in Philly rockin? will it be worth it if we were to make a trip there? Let us know. mail me at


  3. yoo Bruce,

    bro, i checked out Plat for a while. Just wondering if there were other local shops in malaysia you and the rest of the sometimes can anglers shopped at.

    Bluefin is crazy off the shore of NJ. ill hit u up with more info...

    thanks for the response

  4. Hey buddy,

    you can check this site out.. they carry some high end stuff too but some items are expensive like the Hots rods. those are best bought in Thailand.

  5. Bruce!

    Why thailand?

    im interested! over the weekend a 300+ bluefin tuna was caught with Gipang XH rod!